Keymans Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Founded by a group of industry professionals who have many years of experience in their respective fields.

One of the key industry sectors we focused on was the Industrial Automation business starting 1992 via one of our affiliated company.

In midst of this, we found that there was a lack of security awareness in the Industries. Thus we embarked on more detailed studies on the key enablers in crime prevention and resolution. Our findings revealed that the Closed Circuit Television is recognized as being one of the most useful crime reduction and detection resources available. The authenticity of a witness’s statement at a crime scene can always be questioned, but with CCTV recording the authenticity can be easily verified for clarity and content integrity, two concepts which we find intriguing as a whole.

This inspired us to enter the security system installation and support arena. We started off with CCTV system installation using the then VCR technology and analog cameras. We have since embraced the digital revolution and currently provide state of the art installation to a number of local facilities.

Having world class aspiration, in 2005 we had the opportunity to be associated with Lenel System International, Inc. This strategic partnership allowed us to venture into the high end Security market.

This partnership required us to embark yet on another critical and important aspect of security which provide a fully secured environment for customer. Hence, Keymans Malaysia established the "Security Risk Management and Consulting Services" within our Security Division.

Currently, Keymans Malaysia Sdn Bhd has an established team consisting of Software, Hardware Integrations, Networking and Security Consultants with more than 10 years experience.

As awareness and need grows for more environment friendly products which are sustainable, we have started our own eco division which handles LED lightings and solar panels (photo voltaic) manufacturing, installation and solutions.

Security Division

Automation Divison

Eco Division